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June 22, 2006


Patrick Britten

In 1976, Buckminster Fuller related many things to the people gathered for Habitat, including also that at that time he estimated that 200,000 of his geodesic domes had been erected around the space ship earth. Furthermore he stated that while visitng Afghanistan, troops there had erected in 24 hours, a dome he said the American military would take 2 weeks to put up. It is not uncommon for decent humans to self deprecate and impute great (perhaps unrealistic) expectations of others.

Thank-you Charles for all the work you all have done, for I am the Jam and also WUF et all, we're all very grateful.

I have another memory of Bucky Fuller from '76, speaking from the flat deck of a truck in the court of Jericho. Extolling the hydraulics of trees, 400 lbs per driving water through the cambrium to the periphery of the tree, his arms pressured up and out as branches waving in the gusts of enthusiasm.

We may all be good people, but as our egos contend, the issues continue to bleed. The program of systematic global action to provide, immediate relief from dirty water, health services in the world slums, and sanitation is required to be fought like a war. We must demand from all, that the billions being squandered on the destructive vanity of madmen, be immediately applied to the salvation of humanity. We know we must turn the swords into water pumps and desalinators, solar ovens, etc. We could make simple sophisticated satellite settlements (such as engaged in intensive farming industry) with all the perks of the city for people to move to beyond the slums. Slums which we could in turn make into green belts and farms. Maybe limits to growth should be applied to cities?

Planning several million new rural settlements, undertaking global desert reclamation for instance, may ameliorate the problems of global climate change, resource exhaustion, and the flood of economic refugees to cities unable to do them justice.

A simple global development plan that everybody can identify with, that is altruistic, aesthetic, efficient, inclusive, and pragmatic is naturally...?

Best regards to you all
Pat at

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