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June 06, 2006


Patrick Britten

I would like to see the list of the 600 actionable ideas for Urban sustainability. Solutions to problems of entrophy can range from surrender, antitheses, to syntheses and synergies. In particular I would like to see from the Jam those actionable ideas that can be moved on immediately by the individual and masses of the world, emphasizing bottom up rather than top down. I would like to see debate and further polling function to indicate the strength of the public's democratic will, or anarchic if necessary, on our ideas for action rather than some computer program or somebody else's judgement. We desire, need, and fight for the freedom to live our own lives, to be, other wise being the guinea pigs of failures, grist, and unwilling supporters, hosts or minions of tyrannical systems and their lackeys.

In defining specifically where the status quo may be inhibiting or be obstructing the bottom up (freedom of actions) would be politically useful for all parties and the individuals they would govern.

We observe the ramifying complication of the abstract system of knowledge and application on the mutable foundations of scientific research and reality manifestation and are baffled by the bullshit. The symptomatic, manifestations of system entropy, from our underlying idiosyncratic existential disease, are analogues of the disease/health industry in general.

Those that have greatest influence are making their careers and monies out of the problems, hard to imagine them as keenly making themselves redundant. Our peaceful evolution as a society, a community, an ecology, and a global economic system on all levels is in the balance. The vertigo of desperate need, destructive criticism, rampant enthusiasm for the banal, inappropriate resource application, lack of dynamism in appropriate global developement systems, is anchored firmly in the legally constrained actions of the individual human beings by their governments. We are slaves if we aare not doing what we wish reasonably to be doing by the actions of the state. That the welfare of the world and all of history should have come to this crossroads, that we are waiting for the light to change, while our petty interests in practice, working against our larger, our epochal interests are paused erroneously. Therefore let us proceed down the road to prosperity and happiness, and leave this international disgrace. I will take responsibility for it and so can we all in fair measure, and leave our children and history the judgement.

Pat answers

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